To have the energy to smile and feel good EVERYDAY is a FREEDOM  that every woman deserves.  

I have struggled with what I call “depressive episodes” my whole adult life.  I didn’t even realize how much they were affecting me—all I saw was a lot of mis-directed ways to make myself feel better.  I thought I had a lot of bad habits.  It took a lot of time and hindsight to see that the bad habits were just the ways in which I was trying to survive.  I was struggling.  I truly couldn’t see it from within it.  

Depression and anxiety are serious conditions that needs to be treated.  I am a coach and although I’ve been a RN for 20 years, I’m not practicing here as a medical professional (what I mean by this—I’m not your doctor—I can work in conjunction with your doctor).  

It’s easy to say “depression”  or “anxiety” but it just doesn’t describe adequately the hopeless, bottomless pit that is depression or the endless paranoia and incessant overthinking that is anxiety.

  I can’t replace the medications that are necessary, and I fully 100% support them.  But what I discovered is that personally, my moods were labile.  Sometimes I was in a pit and sometimes I was fine—even hyper/slightly manic and every where in between. 

But I had NO IDEA when they would come or why and how long they would stay.   I felt out of control and as a victim of these experiences.

It took time.  Like a lot of time.  And trial and error—heavy on the error.  But I’ve found a routine that works for me.  I combine a specific diet (gluten free and heavy on the green vegetables and protein—but that’s just what works for me) with daily movement (this changes daily-running, gym, yoga, dog walks—I mix it up), mindfulness exercises (journalling, meditating, being still, quiet and alone) and a lot of self awareness and reflection. 

I also rely on supplements; I am mindful of my cyclic hormones: I have friend support, coach support and the knowledge that when it’s all falling to shit anyway—that’s when I focus on being what I call gentle-strong. 

Because life is going to throw you curve balls (hello 2020) and sometimes you’re going to be down.  

Sometimes you know the thoughts are irrational but you can’t stop thinking them.  You have to be so, so, so gentle with yourself in these times of pain, but also pull out all the tools and habits that have been working. 

It feels like—I’d just like to stay under the covers and not talk today, but instead you’re going to peep your little head out, grab a journal and write down those feelings.  This is just one of the tools that works-one of many.

Being down or anxious is not evidence that you’re doing something wrong; it’s just a part of life.  And those are the parts that teach us.  I hate the painful lessons, but there are always some gems there–in the midst of the pain. 

My goal is to turn your pain into power. 

I remind my clients when they’re in the thick of it—that this part, the dark heavy part— is also part of the process.  We spring forward, but we have to retract first—just like the waves of the ocean—it’s part of how we flow.   The contraction and expansion are part of the journey forward.

As your health coach and with the methods I’ve learned, the dark parts won’t come as often, or stay for as long.  

We’re all just figuring out this life thing and trying to do our best—everyone.  My passion is help women conquer the ever-changing moods, the chronic fatigue, the insomnia, the fear that comes with it so that they can fully live into all their greatness. 

I wasn’t fully living when all of my daily efforts were spent trying to fix how I was feeling.  I had nothing else left.  It feels like being inside an invisible net, and I want to help you release that feeling.  I want to see you run free and flourish—not just survive, but thrive.  

We need all the women in this world fully alive.  It will change this world.