I’ve found myself using this phrase a lot lately as I talk with women about their anxiety and depression symptoms.  I live in a yoga-centered world, and we use this phrase often.   I’ve gotten used to the meaning, but I’ve realized that to a lot of people the phrase doesn’t mean much.  

To be grounded means to be connected to something real.  This can start as a physical practice—feeling your feet connected to the earth, the dirt, the floor—where ever you may be standing. The physical sensation of being connected to earth is a great place to start.  Literally try to find some real material to connect to—dirt or grass—real earth.  

Next, close your eyes, place your hands somewhere solid.  This can be on your knees, at your sides or pressed together at your heart.  Here begins the process of slowing your mind to get away from the recurrent thoughts of your to-do list and planning and rehearsing conversations and everything else that takes up your brain space.  

All you have to do is listen to your breath.  In that moment the only thoughts in your brain are simply the inhale and the exhale.  As you continue to be still and as quiet as possible, the parts of you that you know to be true come into focus.  It might be a feeling deep in your chest or down in your belly or even deep in your pelvis.  You are connecting to you—not the outside voices or thoughts.  The you that is always there.  

Taking the time to connect your heart and mind so that the thoughts and actions that come from your brain from there on out—also stem from the purpose and meaning that lives in your heart.

This is what the practice of grounding can do for you.  It helps you to act from a place of authenticity. And then there’s less second-guessing; there’s less rehearsing and worrying what others are thinking; there’s less over-thinking the same thoughts. 

You come from something real; we’ve all ascended and evolved from micro-beings on this Earth to the beautiful complex humans we are now.  In today’s busy multi-tasking culture we get caught up and lose our connection.  Take a few moments to breathe and be quiet to calm your mind and remember that you are not carrying everything all by yourself as your modern mind might be telling you.  You are a microcosm of the macroscosm. You are one drop of the ocean, and we all came from the ocean. Move through your day connected to the truth of who you are and where you came from and lessen your anxiety.  

Unfortunately, sometimes it takes only one or two events in your day to whisk you away from that centered place, but the gift is that the way back lies in your hands.  Return to a quiet place (the bathroom, sitting in your car, hide in your office) feel the ground beneath you, slow your breath and bring the attention back inward.  Re-anchor as often as you need to in order to be operating from a place that is authentic. Solidify that connection and therefore be moving through your day acting from the strength of your internal power. You’ll become less shakable; you’ll have a better resolve when complicated things come at your nervous system.

As a health coach I do my best to get all my clients on a morning routine that has some ritual of grounding.  Whether it’s a meditation, a reading, writing, or simply slow breathing.  Start the day connected to yourself and your truth and calmness will follow.  Peace will come.  Your strength will grow and your resilience to return to this place of calm will also come.