14 Day De-Tox Cleanse

If you want:

-more energy, increased mental clarity, less body inflammation, less belly bloat, decreased headaches

……then this cleanse is for you!

BONUS:  This is a re-set cleanse so you will have more information about what your specific body can tolerate so you can feel this way all the time!!

Phase 1 (2 days) Preparation and weaning

Phase 2 (7 days) Total cleanse

Phase 3 (5 days) Slow re-introduction of foods

Group Cleanse: 3/21/21–4/3/21

$67/person  Last day to sign up: March 10

Individual Cleanse:  Dates of your choice with 1:1 support. $197

OR  Bring a friend–there’s power in pairs–and receive a $50 discount each