A health coach is a person who has an expertise in her specific field who supports and guides another person to reach his/her individual health goals.  Most people over the age of 18 (and starting even younger now) have at least 1-2 health issues that they would like to improve upon.  The issues can range from decreasing cholesterol, minimizing back pain, losing weight, migraines, chronic fatigue—the list is endless.  But the solution for MOST of these problems lies in the hands of the individual—they just can’t see it as clearly as an outside person can.

Unfortunately, we are what we eat, but we also are a product of the activity in our daily lives, the messages we perceive in our brains, the trauma we carry, and the habits that keep us afloat in our busy lives. 

Historically, when the issue—the migraine, the back pain, the indigestion—whatever it is— comes up, we go to the doctor for help—imaging—X-rays or MRIs, pharmacology—pain meds or steroids, labs—seek out what’s not normal and treat the issue.    The problem is that MOST heath issues are treatable with a change of diet or lifestyle.  Excessive radiation, unnecessary pharmacology, extra needle sticks—all of this doesn’t fix the problem.  And it can cause more problems, side effects and reactions—I know this, because I’ve seen it.

What makes a difference is how you take care of your body day in—and day out.  The daily habits can create the problem or they can fix the problem. 

Most orthopedic injuries are not from a one-time incident; they are from repetitive motions that don’t serve your body—lifestyle change.

Most immune system, cholesterol spikes, weight problems aren’t from eating pizza one night; it’s from daily habits of eating nutrition-less foods instead of foods that fuel you and arm your body to fight off infection—dietary change.

Migraines, low back pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia—are not from one day waking up with this condition—it’s a lifestyle that needs more attention—more intention—and some deep introspection into the specifics—most likely diet, lifestyle and mindset change. 

These are fixable conditions, as a lot of conditions are, but a 20 minute doctor’s visit doesn’t motivate you to make the necessary changes.  A health coach has the time to weed out what’s not working for an individual, create a plan—diet and lifestyle—and then hold the individual accountable to making the changes—DAILY changes.  

It works because creating change at the level of daily habits creates a healthy life. Then you don’t need the doctor’s appointment, because taking care of your body is your medicine.  The control is back in the hands of the individual—the one who knows deep in their gut what the problem truly is.  They maybe just need a little help getting where they want to go.  

We all need a little help most of the time.  As a coach, I have coaches.  I have business coaches, a writing coach and a fitness coach.  I ask for help and I see results, because needing support to reach a goal is a human condition.  

Having a health coach is choosing the road back to your healthiest self—not so that you can have a clean bill of health from the doctor, but so you can live fully—without pain, without fear, and without guilt.   There’s a freedom in taking back control, and asking for help is the first step.