I get to see the program work as I interact with clients, but it’s their decision if they want to share.  All my visits, contacts and shared info is private-between me and the client only.  In my 20 year history of working as a RN, privacy has been drilled deeply into my practices—and it stays that way.  

A few testimonials from clients who chose to share:  

“The Wellness Empowerment Program helped me most by re-framing my perspective.   Katie patiently worked with me week after week to help change my mindset from an all or nothing attitude, to small progressive changes and habits that make a big impact over time.  Katie met me where I was and was willing to work at my pace, even when when my pace included setbacks.  I highly recommend Katie’s Wellness Empowerment Program to anyone needing to believe ‘it is possible. ” 

 Lisa H.  (recent client of the Wellness Empowerment Program)

“Working with Katie as my health coach was a very unique and enlightening experience.  I would say that learning to make the small adjustments to my daily routine is what made the biggest difference.  We also made dietary adjustments that really made my joints so much better.  I will for sure continue all the changes we made to my diet and my life. Katie was able to help me make changes from the comfort of my home–and 3 states away.”  

 Greg P.  (recently completed the Wellness Empowerment Program)

“I always had a pretty good mostly plant-based diet and exercised off/on, but with Katie’s Wellness Empowerment program I was able to take my overall health to the next level.   I was able to clear out some of the distractions and commit to a routine to show up for myself.   She also taught me some mindfulness techniques that really helped bring me peace during this past year.  Daily breathing rituals, journaling and staying accountable with a coach was really the missing piece for me.” 

 Jaimie H (Recent client of the Wellness Empowerment Program)