A health coach comes in to be a support to you so that you can become crystal clear on your goals.  And by crystal clear I mean the REAL big why behind why you want anything.  Most of us don’t want to lose weight just for the sake of lost pounds.   We want to feel good in our skin, fit into the clothes that help us to show up confidently, appear sexy to our partner—or 100 other reasons. 

Truly most of the reasons why we went anything relates back to our feelings and/or our identity. 

So, a health coach can help you see why you want a certain result, and that is way more motivating than “I want to lose weight.”  

The next part of working with a health coach is that she will provide a system in which to reach those goals.  Little by little, step by step.  There are more fad diets and extreme plans to reach your goals out there than I could even list.  BUT quick fixes don’t work.  We know this.  There’s no magic pill or behavior to get to your results.   There are,  however, small daily habit changes that add up in time to REAL change. 

A health coach provides support to you when you have an off week.  Regression is part of the process but  it can feel very deflating.  Progress is not linear, and it’s interesting to watch as a coach to see how someone may backtrack or seem to fall off a plan and feel like giving up, but when she stays on the path, the breakthrough is on the other side of that breakdown.

  It’s the rainbow after the storm phenomenon—and it’s beautiful. 

I hate that it works this way, but it does.  A health coach is there to remind you of this along your path.

A health coach provides accountability.  We can do our best on our own, but nothing beats the way it feels to show up and report all your successes to someone that is rooting for you.  We battle ourselves in our own heads everyday, but when you have to show up and report how you did—it’s just an extra motivation to push through. 

A health coach is a MASTER of the area you are wanting to change—she will bring knowledge, experience and wisdom to the journey you’re on.  There’s SO much info out there on health and wellness, and for almost every fact you find, you can find a conflicting one.  So, a health coach finds curated information that will assist you along your journey.  

A health coach can provide a meal plan, a fitness plan, a meditation class,  a fitness class, cooking class—it’s endless.  

Your job is to find the RIGHT health coach for you.